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Toroidal Choke

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Product Introduction

Main Power provides several types of Toroidal Choke.

A toroid inductor, wild used in electronic circuits, is an insulated coil that is wire wound on a ring-shaped form which is made of different materials, such as, powdered iron, ferrite or another material. Toroid inductors have more inductance per turn and carry more current than solenoids with a core of similar material and size. Toroidal inductors can be used as a toroidal coil, common mode inductors, SMT inductors or for any circuit that might require toroid coils.

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  • Small size 
  • Excellent Characteristics for high Q Small size (volume and weight)
  • Lower electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Near complete magnetic field cancellation
  • Lower resistance (shorter length per turn)
  • Variety of mountings and configurations

Switching Mode Power Supplies, Chargers, Alarm System, LED Light, Audio & Visual Equipment (Video), TVs, Inverter, Server, Telecommunications Device, Medical Equipment, Solar Energy Converter, Energy Storage equipment, Electric Car, EV Charger, Neon Sign, etc.

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