Product Details

PFC Choke

  • Model:Customize
  • Specification:EFD25, EFD30, RM10, RM12, RM14, EER28, EE20/10/6, PQ38/11

Product Introduction

Main Power provides several types of PFC Choke.

PFC chokes specially designed to maximize the power in switch mode power supply circuit by driving voltage and current with the same phase. Limitation of mains harmonics of non-linear loads at the AC mains supply; e.g. of clocked power supplies or frequency converters. The highly efficient properties of PFC Chokes make them some of the most cost-effective products available. We offer product with optimal levels of power, efficiency, and performance.

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  • High efficiency
  • Good EMC behavior
  • Suitable for mains voltage
  • Also can be used as boost inductor in power supplies
  • Reduced Harmonic Currents
  • Reduced Size
  • EFD Series: EFD 25, 30
  • RM Series: RM 10, 12, 14
  • EER Series: EER  28
  • EE Series: EE  20/10/6
  • PQ Series: PQ 38/11
Switching Mode Power Supplies, Chargers, Alarm System, LED Light, Audio & Visual Equipment (Video), TVs, Inverter, Server, Telecommunications Device, Medical Equipment, Solar Energy Converter, Energy Storage equipment, Electric Vehicle, EV Charger, Led Lighting, etc.

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