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SMD Inductor

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Product Introduction

Main Power provides several types of SMD Inductor.

We are professional manufacturer for power inductor as Surface mount inductor, Magnetic Shielded Inductor, Non-shielded Inductor, Wire wound inductor, Chip Beads, Ferrite Beads, and others. Various high power surface mountable type is superior to high saturation. And magnetic shielding type is for consideration against radiation. Power inductors are very important in applications where voltage conversion is necessary because they are lower core loss. It’s also maintains a steady current in an electrical circuit with a different current.

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  • High current capacity and Low DCR
  • High heat resistance, ideal for reflow soldering
  • High reliability
  • Low voltage drops and small variations inductance
  • Magnetically shielded structure that ensures the high-density mounting configurations
Switching Mode Power Supplies, Chargers, Alarm System, LED Light, Audio & Visual Equipment (Video), TVs, Inverter, Server, Telecommunications Device, Medical Equipment, Solar Energy Converter, Energy Storage equipment, Electric Car, EV Charger, Neon Light, etc.

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