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IFT Coil

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Product Introduction

Main Power provides several types of IFT Coil.

These variable shielded coil forms are used in making adjustable, tunable inductors, transformers, IFT Coils, oscillators, narrow band RF filters, broadband FR filters. High Q and Superior Temperature Stability. 

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  • Variable shielded type
  • Internally assembled capacitor is available
  • Ideally used in Radio receivers (FM, AM, SW, MW)
  • Variable inductor and Adjustable coils with wide range of inductance
  • Designed for application in different types of circuits
  • Anti-interference
  • SMD version is available
  • Various dimensions are available
SMT type: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 10mm

Varieties of AM/FM radio, cordless phone, radio transmitter and receiver, wireless communication systems, remote controls for toys and equipment, RF radio, wireless transceiver and security field, TV receiver and transceiver, Car, wireless telecommunication, Radio Communications, RF electronic application, car reversing radar, Electronic equipment, Video tape recorders

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