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Toroidal Audio Power Transformer 環形音頻變壓器

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  • 環形音頻變壓器

Product Introduction

Main Power provides Toroidal Audio Power Transformer.

Toroidal power transformers provides the equipment and electronic circuit with electric power, and provides to step-up and step-down voltage in the fixed supply frequency. Toroidal power transformers can also eliminate the unstable high frequency noise in electric power. By doing this, the equipment can be used steadily and normally.
Single phase isolation Transformers capacity from 30VA to 5KVA, and single phase autotransformer capacity from 50VA to 7.5KVA, like isolating transformer, auto transformer, supply transformer, output transformer, audio transformer, control transformer, step up transformer, step down transformer, three phase transformer, and so on. The design specification conforms to UL and CE safety standards, and the materials, also conform to RoHS standard and UL certification. 
It could be extend to EI Core Type Power Transformer and Encapsulated Potting Isolation Transformer

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  • High efficiency in transforming electric power
  • Small volume (compact size), light weight, easy to install
  • Flexible structure
  • Low magnetic leakage, low hum/noise, low exciting current, low interference
  • Totally external insulation

Hi Fi and Hi End Stereo Equipment, DJ Stage Audio Amplifier, Audio / Video Equipment, Broadcasting Equipment, Testing Instrument, UPS, Computer Peripherals, Automatic Control System, Industrial Application, Medical Equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, Lighting Equipment, Wind Energy System, Charger, Security System Equipment, Fire Alarm System, Smoke Ventilation Window System, Linear Actuators Equipment, Overhead Door and Garage Door Equipment, etc.

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