Product Details

Upgraded Small EI Power Transformer 小型低頻變壓器

  • Model:Customize
  • Specification:EI14, EI16, EI19, EI24, EI28, EI30, EI35, EI42
  • 小型低頻變壓器

Product Introduction

Main Power provides Upgraded Small EI Power Transofrmer.

EI Core Type Power Transformer, linear transformer is a traditional transformer with simple and reliable structure which working frequency berween 50Hz & 60Hz. And widely Power: from 5VA to 1200VA. It could be extend to Encapsulated Potting Isolation Power Transofrmer and Toroidal Transformer. It have better efficiency and smaller than traditional type. 

Welcome customized specification!wink

  • Being protected by temperature switch or fuse wire
  • Reasonable cost
  • Easy to install and integrate into system
  • Easy to modify to achieve custom requirement


EI  Series: EI-14, 16, 19, 24, 28, 30, 35, 42

AC / AC and AC / DC Power Supply, Audio / Video Amplifier, Electronic Equipment, Security System, Test Instrument, Industrial Machine, Precision Refrigeration, Household Equipment, Automatic Control, UPS, Energy Storage, Inverter, Automatic Door, Elevator Control, Medical Equipment, Meter Switching Mode Power Supplies, Server, Solar Energy Converter, Electric Car, Lighting, etc.

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Product Notes

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