Product Details

Toroidal Split Core Current Transformer / Sensor

  • Model:MP
  • Specification:MST253, MST550, MST801, MST180
  • 環形開合式比流器 / 互感器

Product Introduction

Main Power provides several Toroid Shape of Split Core CT.

Split Core Current Transformer / Transducer are designed to be small and easy to open and yet maintain the accuracy required for energy meters and monitoring. The benefit of a split core current transformer is that it can be placed into position easily and without removing existing cables for easier installation.

We also offer other type of CT such as Split Core Current Transformer, Zero Phase Current Transformer, AC DC Current Transformer, Window Shape Split Core Current Transformer.

  • Faster installation
  • Cost effective
  • High quality measurement
  • Available in a wide range of transformer rating
  • Accuracy Class 0.5-2%
  • Foot or Busbar mounted

Electrical Parameter
  • Shape: Round, Ring, Toroid
  • IP rate: 5A-5000A

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Electrical fire monitoring, Leakage fire prevention system, Electromagnetic relay protection, Microcomputer protection, Current Sensing Relay, Current Detector, Battery Current Sensor, Arduino Current Meter, Ammeter, Digital Meter and etc.

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