Product Details

AC DC Current Transformer / Sensor AC DC 比流器 / 互感器

  • Model:MP
  • Specification:MCT011, MCT012, MCT013, MCT014
  • AC DC 比流器 / 互感器

Product Introduction

Main Power provides several AC DC type of CT.

Current Transformer / Transducer with epoxy resin molding encapsulation, good mechanical property and insulation property; extremely high linearity and stable phase error.

  • Epoxy resin molding encapsulation
  • Good mechanical property and insulation property
  • Extremely high linearity
  • Stable phase error
  • Meet the standards of IEC60044-1,GB1208-97
MP MCT 011 012 013 014 mini current transformer ct catalog

Electrical Parameter
  • Shape: Round, Ring, Miniature
  • Plug-in Type: DIP pin, Lead wire, kinds of Connector
  • Primary Current: 5A-80A
  • Secondary Current: 5mA-40mA
ct terminal connector type

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Energy Meter, Relay Production, Electricity Dispenser, Wattmeter, Servomotor and Electric Power Monitoring Facility, Power Transmitter, Various Digital Electrical Measuring Instrucment, Current Sensing Relay, Current Detector, Battery Current Sensor, Arduino Current Meter, Ammeter and etc.

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Product Notes

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