Product Details

EER type Transformer

  • Model:R6-042-015 & W16-028-001
  • Specification:EER28, EER35, EER42

Product Introduction

Main Power provides several size of EER type Transofrmer.

High frequency transformer is power transformer which working frequency 10KHz ~ 500KHz. As per high and low working frequency, it can be divided into severate by: 10kHz- 50kHz、50kHz-100kHz、100kHz-500kHz、500kHz-1MHz、over 10MHz. And widely Power rate: <  5W, 5W - 10W, 10W - 20W, 20W - 50W, 50W - 100W, 100W - 200W, 200W - 500W, 500W - 1000W. It could be use as Flyback Transformer, Drive Transformer, Control Transformer, Inverter Transformer, SMPS Transofrmer, High Current Inductor. 

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  • Low loss
  • High output power
  • High operating frequency
  • Low temperature and stable performance
kinds of EE EI EF EFD EPC EER ETD EP RM POT PQ EEL type of high frequency flyback smps transformer catalog


EER Series: EER-28, 35, 42

Switching Mode Power Supplies, Autonomous Cars, Medical Equipment, Yard Lighting, Electric Tool, Server, Solar Energy Converter, Smart Appliances, Audio & Visual Equipment, Chargers, Pool Lighting, Garden Light, and etc.

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