About us

Introduction of Main Power Electric Co., Ltd. - electronic component manufacturer                 Main Power Electric Co., Ltd.

Main Power was founded in 1987.  We are Taiwanese-funded enterprise manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic components, product design, research and development, and solve EMI EMC problem. Our primary components include High Frequency Transformers, Power Transformer, Current Transformer/sensor, common mode choke, air coil, IFT inductor and etc.  Our company has grown to more than 250 employees from the original 10 at Taiwan in 1987.  

Although we are not the largest manufacturer, we strive to improve our R&D capabilities.  We manage all aspects of the manufacturing process, pursuing the highest quality products while delivering on time to our customers.  We are committed to satisfying our customers' needs by 100%.  Main Power is considered one of the best manufacturers by over internationally famous companies.

It is our sincerest responsibility to meet your satisfaction.  Your support is our driving motivation for growth.  Because of your trust, we will become your fully reliable supplier and the best partner for business.  We are committed to providing not only a quality, but also a competitive priced product.   Solving your problem is our ultimate goal.  We look forward to a successful working relationship and in creating a bright future for your product needs.

Main Power would like to thank you for your support and cooperation of our various businesses.  Our motto “DO THE BEST” is our loyal belief!